Writing Good Online Dating Profiles

Would you prefer walking across burning coals barefoot to writing good online dating profiles? Stop stressing our dating profile tips are here. If you need help with your online dating profile we'll aim for around three paragraphs of solid interesting information.

Slip your shoes back on and grab a pen and paper!

Good profile writingMost people find it difficult to brag about themselves and settle for writing lists of generic information. Would it spark your interest to read 3,000 online dating profiles about the guy or gal who is tall, has blue eyes and enjoys walking on the beach?

Our contention is that everybody on the planet owns at least five distinctive attributes.

Action Step: Take pen in hand and list five of your best qualities. This will serve as the "guts" of your online dating profiles. Take your time. Remember, you've got about two minutes to make an irrevocable impression on the right person.

Let's suppose one of your attributes is the innate ability to teach. How in the world can you spin what seems boring into something warm and wonderful?

Crave adult conversation. Help! This darned good kindergarten teacher, is slowly losing her grasp on three-syllable words. Will you rescue me before I sink into a peanut butter and jelly loblolly?

This, or something like it, is an auspicious start. You can see the perspective dater wants someone intelligent, with a sense of humor. But he/she didn't resort to the usual laundry list.

Next on the attribute list might be "draws caricatures".

If you're passionate about art and craft shows, you might have watched me drawing caricatures. I'll give you my fattest, red crayon if we get together!

Are you beginning to see it's all about showing who you are, not telling? The writer is both talented and sharing. He/she has also used the prime teaser word, "passionate" in a smart way.

Here's another of our super-fantastic dating profile tips:

Action Step: Find a picture of your ideal date and frame it. Start a conversation with the picture, as if you were getting to know Mr. or Ms. Ideal.

Now, before you pooh-pooh this as nonsense, think it over. It's not much different than preparing for an important job interview, is it?

If you can't think of a good conversation starter, pretend Ideal asked you to define love. Good question! Let's explore it in writing.

I thought to define love might help you know me better. Instead, I found myself singing the "ABC" song. Always be courteous. Don't eat flowers. Golly, it must be true. Everything we need to know we learn in kindergarten!

Here, the writer indicates pride of profession, willingness to consider love and that he/she seeks a courteous person.

Do you agree our dating profile tips manifest into sizzlingly good online dating profiles?