Online Dating Profiles for Women: Examples of Online Profiles with a WOW Factor

Dating profiles for womenMost online dating profiles for women lack that WOW factor. It you're attracting the wrong kinds of men or no men at all, your online profile could probably benefit from a little man-speak. The best dating profile examples to attract men get right down to the nitty-gritty.

Men like that. They want straight talking truth. Guys want to be assured what they see is what they'll get. Being pretentious, little girlish or diva-ish doesn't compute in the man-brain. In other words, don't pretend to be ditzy when you've really won a Mensa scholarship.

Don't post a picture when you were 20 pounds thinner. Write your online profile as if you were sitting in a coffee shop chatting with the kind of guy you want to attract. Guys don't resonate with sales pitches and it makes you look desperate. Be warm. Be real.

Online dating profiles for women are basically low key advertisements for men. Your first task is to develop an angle. What is your best asset? If you have a great sense of humor, showcase it in a hilarious profile. If you have an unusual hobby, spotlight it. If you have an interesting career, make that your angle.

Here are dating profile examples to attract men:

Belle Seeks Beau

My friends describe me as savvy entrepreneur meets Southern Belle. I've got the drawl and pink parasol to prove it! Charming, mysterious men like Rhett preferred. Ashley-types who are passionate about life also considered.


Southern tea is always sweet, like me. But, if you like yours tart, I can do that too. If you're curious to know more, let me show you some Southern hospitality.

Here's a different slant about online dating profiles for women:

Don't Know what you want?

Can't decide if you want to choose me? Imagine missing out on one the best things in life. Oh well, that's why pencils have erasers!

-Pamper me and I'll pamper you right back

-I don't skimp where my emotions are concerned

-My circadian clock chimes at sunset.

-My idea of roughing it is flying coach.

-I'm not into chameleons. Put your true self forward.

-I clean-up real pretty. Your friends will be green with envy.


The angle here is spontaneous adventure.

Sail Away with me?


Sophisticated lady at home on land or sea seeks first class mate for intrigue, adventure and surprises. Little things are nice, but spontaneity is spice.

If you're ready to toss your compass overboard and go where the wind blows us, I can live with that. It you're fit, funny and financially sound, respond for the adventure of your life.

Great online dating profiles for women deserve great photographs. Resist temptation to post deceptive photos that have been digitally altered. Resist posting misleading pictures of poor quality and bad lighting. Resist matching your profile with a picture taken 5 years ago.

Experts recommend posting 3-5 pictures: a great head shot, a full body shot and a picture where you are doing something attention-grabbing.

Are you aware that studies revealed over 90% of online dating profiles for women state, "I never thought I would be doing this" and/or "I really didn't like writing this about myself…"?

Be delightfully different! Mirror our dating profile examples to attract men to write your dynamite personal profile!

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